Which one is for you

Classic or XLong?

Use our guide to choose your perfect fan


the Classic

● One Fan

● Right Handed

● Our Signature Extra Wide Staves

● Medium Length

● Can be customized to a left handed fan

the Teel Fan Pair

● Two Fans

● One Right & One Left Handed

● Our Signature Extra Wide Staves

● Medium Length

the XLong Pair

● Two Fans

● One Right & One Left Handed

● Our Signature Extra Wide Staves

● XLong Length

See the Teel Fans

Side by Side

Use this video to help compare our fans in action


Teel Fans & Your Height

Afraid the Teel Fans might be too short or too long for your height? No worries! This chart can help you decide the best fan style for you. We think everyone will enjoy dancing with both the Classic & Xlong Teel Fans! These are general recommendations just in case you are concerend about fan length.

For reference, Victoria is about 5' 5" (165cm) & she loves using both sizes. You can see her using both sizes of Teel Fans on her Instagram page. 

Teel Fans & Dance Venues

Classic Teel Fans

are great for:

● Dancing in tight spaces

● Restaurants & clubs

● Small filming spaces

● Areas where the audience may be very close

XLong Teel Fans

are great for:

● Large stages

● Areas with high ceilings

● Large filming spaces

● When dancers want the performance to have a powerful feel


The Origin of Teel Fans

The Teel Fan was created in Victoria's living room over 10 years ago! She wanted a unique fan that would fill the stage & show off amazing fan techniques. After drawing many designs, testing prototypes, & finessing the details, the Teel Fan was born! Teel Fans are known for their unique size as well as their beautiful ombres & luxurious feel. All Teel Fans have larger than average fan handles giving them a nice feeling. We do not publish our Teel Fan dimensions as it is part of our secret sauce. However, we hope this guide helps you choose which fan style is best for you!