Fans for dance, flow & so much more!

Hand crafted for all lovers of silk fans with our one of a kind sizing that makes Teel Fans unlike any other fans you've danced with.

why choose teel fans
These fans move like a dream. Not only are they beautifully dyed silk, but the crafts-womanship is meticulous!
— Jennifer
I am absolutely a Teel Fan addict! I have 3 sets of Teel Fans & I love them all. They flow beautifully & look stunning on stage. Highly recommended.
— Bronwen Dancer
Not only do Teel fans look great, and last a long time, they feel good in the hand; the smooth staves open and close smoothly, making intricate moves easier. I can’t say enough about the fans I’ve ordered over the years from Teel Designs
— Patricia
Quality of the product is great! The fans are sturdy but also flexible. None of mine have broken even the one I’ve had for over 5 years and still practice with at least once a week.
— Amy
Which fan is for you?

Classic or XLong?

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Why Use Teel Fans?

⋆ Extra Large Sizes only @ Teel Designs

⋆ Hand-crafted in the USA with love

⋆ Super Smooth Color Blends - no more ugly lines!

⋆ Special Stave Treatment - bye bye painful splinters!


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