Oops! Small Silk Hiccups - Discounted Teel Fans

$55.99 - $156.99

We pride ourselves in our high quality products with beautiful silk & amazing ombres but sometimes, silk can have a mind of it's own! Since silk is a natural product, sometimes minor imperfections (we like to call them hiccups!) arise & we want to offer a discount for any of these sets with a hiccup!

These few Teel Fans have minor hiccups that are not visible when the fan is in motion & are almost invisible while the fan is still (let's just say, our quality standards are quite high!). These fans are great for anyone wanting to save a bit but will still have a beautiful Teel Fan set at home!

Sample photos of the hiccups are provided & each fan is coded from A-H with the type of hiccup it has:
A - little dye dot hiccup
B - little white dot hiccup
C - small weave hiccup (<1-2 cm)
D - little white line hiccup (<1-2 cm)
E - little dark spot hiccup (<1-2 cm)
F - little weave hiccup on stave (<1-2 cm)
G - silk weave line hiccup (<.75 cm thick)
H - little silk thread hiccup

These fans our in our signature color combinations. Please reference the main Teel Fan page to see the colors used in each color scheme.

Classic Teel Fan - One right handed fan with extra wide staves
Teel Fan Pair - One left & one right fan in Victoria's classic size & length
Teel Fan XLong Pair - One left & right fan with Victoria's extra wide staves & longer length

Handmade in USA by TEEL Designs

Final Sale- No Returns or Exchanges

Each fan is hand dyed and crafted which may create slight variations between dye jobs making each fan unique! If you have any coloration questions, do not hesitate to email designs@victoriateel.com.