Victoria Teel has traveled around the world teaching & performing belly dance for 10 years. During her travels, she discovered it is her goal to always create unique and innovative performances, costumes and products for the belly dance community. This goal drove her to create the Teel Fan Method in 2011, a unique way of using fans and fan veils with influences from Asian and Spanish dances. The Teel Fan Method is now being performed around the world as a signature style of fan dancing. She also extended her need for innovation to her costumes, introducing new methods and manipulation of materials for the industry. As Victoria continues to create unique items, she wanted to make these available to anyone. She is ecstatic to launch her online shop where collections will be added regularly. Teel Fans, dancewear, and accessories are to come all with a unique flair.

Victoria Teel's Dance Bio

Ella-Louise, the founder of E.L. SILKS has been creating fabric masterpieces in the USA for over 10 years. Ella-Louise was initially drawn to the simplicity and magic of silk and decided to play around and see what beauty she could create from dyeing her own and has been doing so ever since. She is thrilled to work with Victoria Teel and help supply her with Teel Fans.

Kate Trapani, the artist and founder of Silkdancer, has been drawn to nature and its relationship with color since her early development as an artist. Silkdancer strives to share and express this relationship while producing a quality product that will be cherished for years to come. Since 2007, Kate has been bringing color to the dancing world. Her focus on creating unique and beautiful ombr├ęs and patterns, as well as her understanding of movement, has been paramount in her success bringing unique and exquisite handcrafted silks to the dance community. 

Several years ago, Kate was contacted by Victoria Teel and was asked if she made fans in a wider width (45"). Silkdancer had been producing them for a while. Victoria had been strenuously training and exploring to develop what was to become her signature Teel Technique, and she asked for a specific size, shape and circular dye pattern on the fans. Kate was thrilled to take on this challenge to create this new design concept. The resulting Teel Style fans have since become quite popular.

Kate and Victoria continued to work together on many concepts. About two years ago, Kate had a vision of making a HUGE fan, a giant cloud of 55" x 2 yards of silk on extra-large staves. She knew if anyone could bring this exciting new prop to life, it would be Victoria. Victoria was the beta tester for the prototype, and provided valuable feedback. After about a year of experimentation, they again collaborated - Silkdancer's structure with Victoria's circular pattern design. The final product debuted this year. The result was nothing short of breathtaking, and the response from the dance world was immediate and positive.